What is Blogger Outreach And Guest Post Blogging

What is Blogger Outreach And Guest Post Blogging?

Welcome to our blog post on blogger outreach and guest posting for SEO and digital marketing. We will break down and explain what you need to know about blogger outreach to blog owners and secure guest posts and high-quality backlinks.

What’s a Guest Post?

Guest posting is the exercise of contributing to a blog by writing an article and getting it published on another blog to build relationships, publicity, authority, and backlinks.

The idea is straightforward: you write a blog article that will add value to the blog on which you have secured a guest posting. In return, you get a one-way backlink to your site.

Guest post blogging establishes a relationship with other blogs and websites in the hope of getting them to host your articles on their blog. You will need to write articles that they think will add value to their site and their target audience, gaining extra publicity and an excellent backlink and allowing you to establish authority among a whole new audience.

Why Spend Time Trying to Out Reaching to Other Blogs

Guest posting on other blogs introduces you to a whole new audience. That is of your choosing, and you are very likely to be interested in what you are writing. They are likely to head over to your blog or site and maybe become a member of your audience by signing up to your email list.

Essentially tapping into the blog you are guest posting on’s audience. You are making a connection with an already established community, ready to hear what you have to say. 

If you’re adding value to their reading experience, then they’re likely to head over to your blog to check out your other content. A large part of guest blogging is the new audiences you are connecting with and the targeted traffic for your content and site. 

Bloggers are interested in publishing first-rate content on their blogs that they can use to draw new readers to their content from their target market. 

This makes the guest post a win-win solution for each website owner who wants to rank higher in engines like Google and bloggers interested in adding good content that adds value to their blog and attracts extra readers.

Yes, Guest posting is significant in SEO (search engine optimisation). Guest blogging is undeniably a vital way to drive traffic to your site or blog and build natural high authority and relevant backlinks to your site.

You should include a backlink to your content or blog when you post on another blog. The link should be in the text and or the author bio. However, generating these links is one of the guest post’s main goals and being introduced to the blog’s audience.

Backlinks to your site from reputable, quality blogs are among the most significant factors in how Google decides to rank your site. Over time, generating these backlinks will help build your site domain authority and boost your search engine rankings. 

Build Authority

Backlinks are the number one ranking element in Google and in search engine optimisation. Guest post backlinks are an excellent backlink opportunity, if you choose, and secure a guest post on a high DA blog relevant to what you offer. Google will see this as a vote from an authority site in your industry. You are building your authority and rankings with the search engine. It will also introduce you to the blog’s visitors, build your authority with the blog audience and build brand awareness.

Today in 2022, securing guest post opportunities on high DA and authority blogs in your niche is one of the best techniques for building trusted, natural and effective backlinks. 

You can read more here about our blogger outreach services.

How Can Guest Posting Improve Your Sites SEO?

The primary impact guest blogging will have on your site’s SEO is building your website’s Natural backlink profile. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in SEO and will be for the foreseeable future. As you contribute to relevant, high-quality blogs, you will include backlinks in the article to resources on your site. As said before, these must be natural and offer value to the article and readers.

Is allowing guest posting on your blog beneficial?

So long as the blogger takes the time to manage and check the quality of the guest posts. Allowing guest posts can be a fantastic source of valuable content material for a blogger’s target audience as long as the posts are well-written and are engaging. 

This can work very well for the blog as engaging up to date content is an excellent sign to Google that it is a great resource. Google considers a page’s bounce rate (How long people stay on a page).

If the content is a good article and engaging, this is a good sign to Google and will drive the blog post up the search results, driving more traffic to the blog. It is also likely to be shared on social media again, driving more traffic to the blog.

Again the key to a successful blogger outreach campaign is quality content.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Now that you understand what guest posting is, we will show you how to reach out to blog owners secure high-quality backlinks from guest posting on relevant authoritative blogs.

Blogger outreach is a way of contacting blog owners and web admins to build trust and relationships to write articles for their blog and gain a high-quality backlink to your content.

Blogger Outreach Strategy: A Guide for 2022

Take some coffee as you find the easiest and best way to do blogging outreach. We are here to support bloggers seeking to get more links from their websites or content managers to their sites. We will show you how to develop a targeted strategy to break down the barriers to your business.

How to find guest post opportunities and relevant blog owners to reach out to? 

When looking for guest post opportunities, it is important to choose relevant blogs with good domain authority and an engaged audience for your industry.

Build a List of relevant quality guest post opportunities

Start to build a list of high-quality sites and blogs relevant to your content. Please make sure they are a good fit for the content you link back to. Read their content, and it is well written. Does it offer value to the reader?

Find influential bloggers

It’s a great way to find an interesting blogger. Find some interesting blogs in All top. AllTop has been created as an independent blog directory. Tell me the blog that you write about health fitness. You can click on all top blogs and find them here. What’s better? Alltop lists high authority blogs for all niches -from SEO to Formula1. You can then look for a keyword on Google in the area you’re working on. It is easy and inexpensive because the software doesn’t require fancy technology. But I have found Google to have goldmines from past experiences.

Find the information for keywords that are relevant to the niche.

Search for opportunities with Google

Search for the top blogs in your niche on google. You can then check to see if they offer guest posting opportunities. You can use the blogs search bar and search for – guest posts, guest post guidelines, write for us.

An excellent way to find guest post opportunities is to search google. You can use your niche (keywords) followed by – guest post, guest post guidelines, a guest post by, write for us etc. You can then make a list of potential opportunities. You should then visit and research the blogs to fit your site. 

Follow guest posters in your industry on social media.

Find and follow bloggers in your industry that guest post on other industry blogs. They will generally promote the content by sharing it on social media. Letting you know what blogs it is possible to secure a guest post.

Subscribe to the blogs you would like to guest post on, allowing you to learn what type of articles would be successful on the blog and more likely to be accepted as a guest post.

Be more targeted with your blogger outreach approach.

Research Your List of Bloggers

It would be best to have 20-50 blogger contact lists. What do I need to know to send an email? Enter the blog search. Almost everyone in outreach skips that first part… a significant mistake. How is this possible despite the lack of research by bloggers?

However, when you start researching blogs on your lists, the chances are you’ll get better results when you email them. More details at a later point. 4) The spreadsheet is necessary to start. The best way is by simplicity. I have six fields in it, and I’m using Buzzstream to skip this spreadsheet.

Research blogs quality

Once you have your list of blogs you would like to reach out to, you can check the blogs domain authority. There are many tools to do this with and some great free browser extensions. 

I like The MozBar it’s a free SEO browser extension. It allows you to quickly and easily see metrics like DA, page authority, and spam score. It also shows how many backlinks a page has.

Research your post topic

Research what would do well on the blog and what you think would resonate with their readers.

Research the editor’s interests and what topics have successfully made it onto their blog. I also defined a brief the duration, the subject, the records included, the unique assets.

Most bloggers are tired of typical topics blanketed on every internet site and seek something specific and exciting.

So if you’re going to pitch to a blog editor, make sure it is worth their while, and you will add value to the blog.

It is also crucial for blogs to check that all the links are still live as content can be moved or removed over time. Broken links will harm the blogs authority and search engine rankings. You can use the broken link checker tools to find broken links on a blog that you would like to guest post on. 

Then all you need to do is find the historical article. You can use this TOOL HERE. Just copy and paste the URL, and it will find all the content on the URL. 

You need to research the old article that doesn’t exist and write an improved article. Reach out to the blog editor and let him know about the broken link and offer your improved article as a replacement. 

This is a great way to start a relationship and to get your first guest post with them.

Start Your Blogger Outreach Campaign

When you have a list of prospects you are happy with, start building relationships with the blog editors. Comment on blog posts. Start conversations with the owner or webmaster in charge of the blog. Follow them on social media. Let them know you are a fan of the blog.

Once you feel you have built a relationship with the blog owner, ask to write a guest post for them. Pitch a post idea. That will benefit the blog.

You need to prove your writing skills. Add links to other articles you have written to demonstrate your writing skills. If you have already guest posted on other high profile blogs, let them know and add a link to the article.

The Inconvenient Truth About Blogger Outreach

 A few bloggers HATE being requested for guest blog requests. This is why it is essential to use the softly, softly approach. Build a relationship or get in some communication if possible before pitching your guest post idea to them.

Some blogs do not solicit guest posts and won’t be open to outside contributions at all.

It all depends on the blog, your relationship with them, and the blog post idea you pitch. It would help if you also showed you would deliver a great article that will add value to their blog.

Be more targeted with your blogger outreach approach.

Blogger outreach is a time-consuming task, and you need to be prepared for low response. The best blogs will receive constant emails pitching guest posts, so they may now not even reply. 

We offer blogger outreach services that we have perfected over the years. We have built relationships with 1000’s of high-quality and high DA blogs and can manage the whole process from outreach to content writing and approval.

Why do some blogs now not take guest posts content?

Some blogs are bombarding with pitches and poorly written articles to get a backlink, using the shotgun approach, hoping that a couple of blogs may post their articles.

Armed with the expertise that bloggers are busy human beings, I do not anticipate doing extra work – analysing longed emails. Make sure your email is as concise and breif as possible, even as personalised and offering explicit value to the man or woman you are emailing.

Get On Their Radar

When you email someone from your industry who don’t know you, you are unlikely to get much response even if you email them a million times. You will have more success if you do this.

Here is where successful blogger outreach begins. This simple way and the best way to attract bloggers BEFORE they’re emailed.

Follow bloggers you would like to outreach to on social media. Comment on their blog posts.

Comments on their posts The majority of bloggers’ comments are read. If you follow them, it is clear your support and interest is genuine. You will start to build a relationship with them, and they are more likely to engage with you and take your outreach seriously when the time comes.

Write quality content that adds value to readers.

All properly managed blogs will have actual readers, and they care deeply about the content they publish; they will review each article pitched to them, which is very time-consuming. After being bombarded for years with daily spammy pitches for guest posts and badly written articles littered with poorly placed backlinks, they have given up generally not accepting guest articles in any respect.

A critical part of editing any outside contribution is reviewing hyperlinks inside the content. The guest poster shouldn’t include a link unless it makes sense. The links need to add value to the readers and be natural.

Links, if done correctly, can add value to an article. Linking to high authority content can also boost your on-page SEO for the article. It shows the search engines that you are pointing to other high authority content that adds value to your content in the search engines eyes.

Plan your topic and article

The key to planning your guest post is researching the blogs you hope to have your article hosted on. You will then understand what type of content the blogs like. You can then carry out keyword research. It is also a great idea to see what is trending on social media, and you can use Google trends to find what topics are hot at present in your niche. This is a great way to start planning a great article and to find it a home on a great blog successfully.

Using original images throughout helps to break up the content and give the reader’s eyes a break. Try to use authentic images. Some research shows that content with original images does better in Google search results than content that uses stock images.

Natural in-content links that add value to the readers.

You should only place links in content when it adds value to the content. 

The link placement should be part of the planning of the article. Ideally, backlinks should be in the body of the article. Make sure it adds value to the content.

Guest posts also typically have a biographical paragraph that gives information on the writer and historical past, and your organisation. Usually, the writer consists of a backlink explaining their historical past within the bio.

That is quite fine, but you have to be inclined to ask the blogger for a hyperlink in the article’s body, but again this needs to add value to the publisher, the reader, and content.

As mentioned before, This can make the difference between being accepted for a guest post and not. Make sure it is naturally placed and adds value to the article and readers.

We offer blogger outreach services to do all the legwork and reach out to the relevant site to secure you a guest post on relevant blogs and give you quality backlinks. To find out more here: Blogger outreach service

Mixing up your anchor texts is vital when you start to secure and post on other blogs. Using different anchor text is key to making your backlink profile look natural. If Google sees all your backlinks are the same keyword, this will look unnatural as this would not happen in real life. It will look spammy. A good mix of anchor text and a range of domain authority sites and blogs is essential to keep in mind as you build your backlinks from your blogger outreach campaigns.

Google has got great at recognising related keywords. If your on-page SEO is on point, google will already know what your pages are about and the keywords it will rank you for. Using your keywords is vital, but you don’t want to use the same keyword repeatedly. So using related keywords will help support that and make your backlink profile look natural.

Brand anchor texts

Use brand anchor texts, your brand name or branded products or services. This builds authority and brand awareness with the search engines and the audience and visitors.

Naked Anchor texts

Naked anchor text is your URL. It is again a great way to build authority and brand awareness. for instance SEOi.co.uk

Generic anchor text

Generic anchor text are things like (find out more) (Visit Site) ( This Article). You will gain a lot of these from building your business citations. Find Out More about local SEO citations here.

The key thing to aim for is letting the visitor know what information they can find when clicking the link. It should explain and offer more information that they may be looking for.

So it is essential to build a good mix of anchor text in your backlink profile to keep it natural and not spammy. 

I can explain how to use the links you earn from guest posts to enhance your SEO in this phase.

A short word on Nofollow links: your main goal is to secure a Dofollow link from your guest post (in most instances); however, if you manage to get a guest post on a high profile blog in your industry, they only allow Nofollow links. It may still be worthwhile for the traffic it brings to your site.


The bottom line, how to successfully implement a blogger outreach campaign and secure quality guest post opportunities.

  • Build a list of potential blogs
  • Do your research
  • Cut down your list
  • Build a relationship
  • Plan your article
  • Reach out with a brief ( But keep it brief)
  • Write great content.

Building your online presence and authority. Follow the link if you want to read more about our blogger outreach services. To see how you can outsource your blogger outreach and guest posting to our experienced team and put your link building on autopilot.