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We built our affordable SEO company to make our world-class and cost effective SEO agencies services and packages accessible to all.

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Our Aim, To Make Professional, SEO Accessible To All.

When planning and building our SEO company, we wanted to make our world-class SEO services and packages flexible and cost-effective—making them accessible to businesses and organisations of all sizes without impacting the quality of our SEO services.

SEOi, SEO Agency Platform

Why We Built Our Affordable SEO Company

We are a team of Passionate SEO experts that know the power that professional SEO can have on businesses. We see it day in and day out with our client’s campaigns. And we find our selves asking why aren’t more businesses investing in SEO and content marketing.

The world is changing, and businesses that are not investing in their online presence will be left behind.

Why Aren’t More Businesses Investing In There Online Present?

Many businesses are put off by having to be signed into yearly contracts. They may have used a poor SEO company that charged high prices but didn’t deliver any results.

Affordable SEO

Affordable SEO, Not Cheap SEO

There are many SEO Companies out there offering cheap SEO Services. We have found that companies that provide cheap SEO also use inferior SEO methods that will not deliver. Even worse, they may be using black hat methods, and low quality links tactics, putting you at risk of being penalised by google and damaging your site and company.

We also see SEO Companies optimising for low search volume keywords so that they can claim to have got you to the top of the results. Or getting their client to the first page of Google but never hitting the top 3 results. The top 3 results are where SEO pays off for businesses. The top 3 results on page 1 of Google get, on average 75.10% of a clicks according to research done by
backlinko. Our cost-effective SEO Company understands the power of the top 3 results. This is where you a company gets a great return on investment and SEO becomes cost-effective.

NO Minimum Monthly Budgets And Yearly Contracts

Many SEO Agencies will only work with companies that have budgets over £1000 a month, and you would need to sign a yearly contract. We know this is a sizeable monthly outgoing for a small business to invest when they do not understand what they are getting and the process or even the results it will bring in or when it will start bringing in results.

Some small business and startups do not have a monthly budget to invest. But need a way to build revenue and their company. We know the best and way to do this is to invest in SEO and a 
content marketing service. This is why we set up our flexible packages and services with no contracts. And this is why we can say we are an affordable SEO company.

SEOi Reports

Why We Wanted To Make Are World-class SEO Packages And Services Affordable And Available To All?

We wanted to educate businesses of all sizes what we and a professional SEO strategy can do for companies of all sizes.

It is not just small businesses that are missing out and getting left behind online. Look at some of the big high street names that we have lost other the last couple of years a lot of their failures came from not investing in their online presence.

But we know that businesses owners and board members are not going to take our word for it, so we built SEOi. A way that businesses could start to educate themselves on, how SEO can help them reach their goals. They could also start to invest as they are comfortable with our
affordable SEO packages, and get to see what we do and the results it brings without the massive budget and being signed into a yearly contract.

What Does, Affordable To All, Mean?

When we planned and built SEOi we wanted a platform that offered an affordable SEO solution to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our SEO packages, are set at whole sale whole sale prices. And are used by marketing companies and SEO Resellers to implement their clients SEO Campaign's. That add a mark up to mange their clients SEO.

Our SEO services is the best option for companies that would like to put there SEO on auto pilot and have a monthly dedicated budget. We offer a Free SEO management service. You will receive a dedicate SEO Campaign manger who will implement you SEO strategy and all your budget will be spent on our SEO packages.

So wether you are an a marketer, large company with a in-house marketing team or a small business. We have and affordable SEO solution for you.

Small Business SEO
Cost effective Managed SEO Services

Small Businesses And Startups

We have designed our SEO agency and SEO platform to be able to cater for business and teams of all sizes. Suppose you are a small local business with a limited budget. You can take advantage of our free site audit, and keyword and competitor research and your account manager will design you a knockout SEO strategy and upload it to your dashboard for you to follow step by step. Letting you purchase individual affordable SEO Packages as you need them.

Sign Up To Get Free Access To Our SEO Platform

We have built our SEO Platform for businesses and marketing teams. Sign up for a free account. You can then log in to your SEO Managers dashboard, where you can access our free SEO tools and resources. Use our SEO Learning hub to sharpen your SEO skills. And order SEO Packages as and when you need them. Find all your site audits and delivery report from your SEO Packages and services. You can also find advice on what we recommend next in your campaign—allowing you to manage your SEO at their own pace.

SEO Budget

Companies With A Set Budget For SEO

Our cost effective SEO agency offers a Free SEO management service. Your campaign manager and SEO strategist will Build and implement your SEO strategy and campaign that will blow away your competition in the shortest time possible. Our expert team will take care of your content marketing and SEO. Your campaign manager will show you everything that is carried out in your campaign. You will meet with your campaign manager every month to discuss the work that has taken place and the results it brings. Each month you will receive your delivery reports, and SEO Reports to discuss. 

100% Off Your Budget Is Spent On Packages and Deliverables.

No Management Charges.

A Large Organisation With An In-house Marketing Team

Our platform is great for a large organisation with there own in-house marketing team. It allows them to purchase SEO Packages when they need to run alongside there marketing campaigns—giving them access to world-class SEO services and total control of how and when they use their budget. Allowing them to scale their SEO as they need. Our SEO managers dashboard enables them to manage, plan and analyse their results from one place. They also have our full team to offer to advise and support at any time.

Our SEO team
Trusted SEO Company

Building Trust And Delivering Results Through Affordable SEO

If companies could invest what they feel comfortable with or what they can and as they can. It will make a difference.

The one great thing about SEO; it is an investment. Any professional SEO that is carried out is long-lasting. So doing a little, is better than doing nothing. It will just take longer to see the results.

Overtime businesses will start to see the results and can then begin to increase their budgets, gaining more results faster.

The more you invest, the faster the results. We want to build trust with our clients and build long term relationships. Buy delivering world-class professional, Affordable SEO packages and services. Delivering high returns on investment and building their company and revenue.

A New Approach To Delivering And Managing World-Class SEO

Our aim is to offer our clients world-class SEO without the high monthly costs and without signing them into yearly contracts and offer total transparency and explain how and what we are carrying out.

Professional SEO Company are more than confident that our packages and services of a great return on investment. And when our clients see the return they get from our SEO services and packages, they will invest what they can afford, and as their revenue grows, the SEO budget will grow with it.

All we need to do is make our services completely transparent and keep our clients up to date on everything we carry-out, and the results they are getting that will start showing in their revenue. We need to educate our clients on what we are doing and why and show the long term benefits if what we are doing.

Managed SEO Service company
World class SEO Company

How we Made Our World-Class SEO Affordable And Accessible To All

We all got together and disgusted how we could make this happen. We understood that many businesses would like to test the waters and would like to see what results they would get before investing a large monthly budget.

Client SEO Manager Dashboard

So we built SEOi and our client SEO manager dashboard where our clients can access our free SEO tools and resources. As well as find all their orders and their order reports and results and SEO reports.

On-page SEO

Pay As You Go Affordable SEO Packages

So we broke down of our professional SEO methods into Affordable packages. That our clients can buy as they need and want. We built teams that specialise in their given SEO methods; this allows us to keep every SEO method and package at the highest quality.

We only use SEO methods that work and are tried and tested. We broke these methods down into individual packages and are managed by respective teams that specialise in that method of SEO. By separating our processes into packages and building teams that specialise in that particular SEO method allows each of our teams to monitor and improve and deliver impressive results.

Our SEO Packages Include:

On-page SEO and technical SEO

This is where any SEO strategy should start. By optimising your site and content for your keywords, It can have a massive impact on your results straight of the bat.

Local SEO Citations

Building local citations is Key for local SEO and building trust and authority with the search engines. We will create citations for your business on the important and trusted citation sites.

Content Writing Service

Content writing is a craft. Our content writing team specialise in writing compelling content that is optimised for search engines, Keywords and to convert visitors into customers and leads.

Blogger Out Reach And Guest Post Service

We have built an expert blogger outreach team that specialises in reaching out to leading bloggers to secure our clients guest post on their blogs. These backlinks are powerful backlinks from high Domain authority blogs that relate to your business and content.

Blog Writing Service

You can also order blog posts to build content and keywords that can be found for online. Our content writers will carry out keyword research to see what your target audience is searching for online and write compelling content to drive more traffic to your site and convert them to customers.

Affordable SEO Packages

Free Account Manager, Site Audit, Research And SEO Strategy.

When you sign up for a free account, our client will be introduced to their account manger that will carry out a free site audit to see what improvements can be made to their website including technical SEO and optimising the pages for the chosen keywords.

We also carry out keyword research and research their competition before coming up with a step by step SEO strategy. Advising what packages in the order they should implement and uploading it to their dashboard that they can access and implement as they can afford.

Total Transparency

Every time a client purchases an SEO package, they will receive a report showing precisely what was carried out. We will email the report to our client as well as uploaded to their dashboard.

Transparent SEO
Business SEO Support

Unmatched Advice And Support

One of the main things we wanted to do differently was from other SEO agency. Was support our clients and keep in contact with them and help them use our platform to build their business and revenue.

As this is how the business will come to see the benefits of SEO and content marketing can have on their business goals. And the benefits of using our platform.

When you sign up, we will meet with you to understand your business and goals. We will then carry out a free site audit keyword research and competitor research for you.

We will build you a Knockout SEO strategy that will help you reach your business goals. We will upload this to your dashboard for you to use and follow step by step.

You can also book a call with your account manager at any time from your dashboard or email them with any question you may have.

Scalable Your SEO As You Scale Your Business

We aim to help you build and grow your business with professional SEO-allowing you to expand your SEO budget. Over time our clients will see the significant returns on their investment and increase their SEO Budget as they grow their business. Our SEO platform allows businesses to scale their SEO up or down as they feel fit. Our platform gives total flexibility.

Business growth
cost-effective Managed Services

Affordable Managed SEO Services

Once our clients understand what we can do for their business, and we have built the trust and proven to them the benefits in investing in SEO and content marketing. The best thing they can do is invest in our Managed SEO Services. This allows them to put the SEO on autopilot and take advantage of our Free SEO management service.

Consistency is vital in SEO.

When you have a monthly budget for your SEO and do not have an in-house marketing team, we would always recommend taking advantage of our Managed SEO Services.

Let our team take care of your SEO Campaign and putting your SEO and content marketing on autopilot.

SEO Results
Campaign management

Expert SEO campaign management at no extra cost

When you sign up to our managed SEO Service, you will be introduced to your dedicated SEO Campaign manager and SEO strategist. That will build you a killer SEO strategy and campaign.

No Yearly Contract and 100% Off Your Budget goes on SEO Deliverables and packages.

At SEOi we do not charge for the management of our managed SEO services. All of your budget is spent on our SEO packages and deliverables.

Other SEO agencies charge for managing your SEO Campaigns and this eats into your budget and means fewer deliverables and slower results.

Our SEO company offers free SEO management with no yearly contracts.

no yearly contracts
Fully managed SEO Services

Our Managed SEO Services

We have built expert teams OF campaign managers that specialise in their given fields of SEO. Each campaign will differ depending on their goals.

Our Campaign managers work with our specialist teams to build and implement knock out campaigns that will reach your business goals in the shortest time possible.

We broke down our campaign mangers into four categories so they can concentrate on the speciality-allowing us to deliver world-class campaigns every time.

  1. 1
    Local Managed SEO Campaigns
  2. 2
    National Managed SEO Campaigns
  3. 3
    International Managed SEO Campaign
  4. 4
    eCommerce Managed SEO Campaigns

Sign Up for your free account and book a free call with your account manager to see how we can help you reach your business goals and find an affordable SEO campaign. Whatever your budget and goals we are here to help.

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