Free SEO Platform: SEO Reporting Dashboard

We built our free SEO platform and SEO reporting dashboard to help business and marketers to make managing their SEO affordable and straightforward.

SEO Platform and SEO reporting dashboard

What is SEOi's SEO Platform and Reporting Dashboard

Our SEO platform is a SEO Reporting dashboard for our clients and SEO campaign managers and SEO teams, that offers them everything they need to manage their companies or clients SEO, whether they are a small business or a large multi-location organisation.

Here is what is inside our SEO Platform:

  1. 1
    Free site audit 
  2. 2
    Competitors research
  3. 3
    Keyword research 
  4. 4
    Free SEO strategy plan
  5. 5
    SEO Reports Tab: Find all your site audits, SEO Reports and package and deliverable reports.
  6. 6
    Orders tab. Find all your Orders and invoices in one place.
  7. 7
    Free SEO tools
  8. 8
    SEO Resources and downloads
  9. 9
    Free SEO learning hub
  10. 10
    Access to special offers
  11. 11
    Quickly order, pay as you go self-managed SEO packages.
  12. 12
    Book a call with your account manager for advice and support.
  13. 13
    Access and view the stage of your order and add comments to your account manager from your orders dashboard. Approve or ask for edits on content.

Why we built our SEO Platform

When planning our SEO company, we wanted to offer world-class SEO to business and organisations of all sizes. Our team also wanted to keep our clients up to date with everything we carried out. We wanted to make our service as flexible as possible without yearly contracts.

Allowing our client to scale their campaign as they needed and wanted to offer our services at an unbeatable price without effecting our world-class standards. To do this, we need a way to streamline SEO management and keep our clients informed in what we were carrying out at all times.

We looked at all the tasks we carried out on an average day when working on an SEO Campaign and timed how much time was spent on delivering SEO deliverables, that make a difference to the campaigns search rankings. And how much of our time was managing the campaigns.

When we analysed our findings we found that a large amount of time was spent on managing the campaign. We looked at how we could streamline this by building our SEO platform and managers SEO Reporting dashboard. So we looked how we could restructured the way we delivered our SEO campaigns and procedures.

Affordable SEO Platform

We divided Our SEO Methods Into Pay As You Go Affordable SEO Packages and specialist SEO teams.

Our team divide our SEO methods into affordable SEO Packages and build teams that specialise in their given SEO method. This means we could monitor results and improve our SEO processes and packages. Letting us produce world-class, consistent SEO methods and packages for our clients. Every time an SEO deliverable or process/ SEO packages was delivered, we keep clients up to date with everything we carried out for their SEO campaign. So for each deliverable, we wanted to send a report showing what was carried out. Our account mangers will uploaded all deliverable reports to the client's SEO reporting dashboard.

Doing this allowed our managed SEO service campaign managers and SEO Strategist to build clients strategies and campaigns with our SEO packages. And letting them order them with our teams through our platform.

When each SEO package has been carried out out team will email you a delivery report and upload it to your dashboard for you to find when you need them—keeping our client up to date with what work was completed.

Free SEO Management Service. With no yearly contract

It allows businesses to choose a flexible, managed SEO Service. This is great for companies that have a regular SEO budget and would like to put their SEO campaigns on autopilot. We will manage their SEO Campaign free of charge. When business sign up to our managed SEO service, they will get an expert SEO campaign manger and SEO strategist that will plan and manage their SEO Campaign at no extra cost. All of the businesses budgets will be spent on SEO deliverables. Your campaign manager will meet with you each month to go through the actions taken and the results that have been achieved and the plan going forward.

We have expert dedicated SEO campaign managers and strategist that specialise in:

Local SEO Services and campaigns
National SEO Services and campaigns
International SEO Services and Campaigns
eCommerce SEO Services and campaigns

That work with our dedicate SEO packages teams including :

Content marketing teams
Blogger Outreach and backlink building teams
Technical SEO and on-page SEO teams

To build you a knock out SEO strategy and campaign putting you in front of your target audience and above your competition and building your business revenue and online presence.

Trusted SEO reporting dashboard
Flexible SEO Options

Flexible Self-managed SEO Option. Purchase as you need.

When you sign up to our SEO Platform and log in to your SEO reporting dashboard, you can carry out a free site audit to high light what you can improve on your technical SEO and your on-page SEO. All of your site audits and SEO reports will be uploaded to your SEO Reporting dashboard. You can find your audits and reports under reports tab for you to access at any time.

Free SEO Account Manager Advice And Support

You will be introduce you to your account manager who is their to advise you on the best options for you and your company. We will carry out a free SEO Strategy report showing the steps you need to take to put you above your competition and in front of your target audience, building your business and revenue. Your account manager will also upload your SEO strategy to your SEO reporting dashboard—allowing you to access it when you need it.

Free SEO Business Support
Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools, Resources and Learning Hub

From your dashboard, you can access our free website SEO tools, resources and learning hub if you would like to learn to manage your SEO campaigns. Or if your company has an in-house marketing team that wants to manage their companies SEO campaigns along with side your other marketing campaigns.

Self Managed Affordable SEO Packages.

You can follow your SEO strategy and purchase the recommended packages as you feel fit, letting you scale your SEO Campaign up and down to fit your budget.

Book a call with your account manager at any time for advice and support. Or email them any questions you may have.

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SEO Management services

Self-Managed SEO Packages and Services

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