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Professional Content Marketing Service

In the new age of marketing, content marketing is defiantly King. Content marketing is a way of reaching your target audience and building brand awareness and trust. Every quality piece of content that you put out is a doorway for new clients to walk through and connect with your business. There is no need to hard-sell them if they have been consuming your content they should already know what you are about and have an amount of trust in your brand already.

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Why Invest In Our Content Marketing Service

Content marketing can take a business to the next level when done well. We understand what it takes to create great content you target audience will love and share. Our content creation service team will produce a content strategy that will build your brand as an authority in your niche. Content Marketing offers a great return on investment by creating pillars of content that will be shared on social media introducing you to new target audiences. Each piece of content will also be introducing you to a new audience for years to come through search engines.

Search Engine Love Great Content

Research is key to excellent content marketing. Our team will research what your target audiences are interested in. What questions are they asking? What is trending in your industry? Then we will create great content around these topics. We will optimise your content for the keywords that will get you found on search engines by your target customer for years to come. By putting out great content that engages your audience, It will build your authority with the search engines and boost all your content in the search results.

Affordable SEO content Packages
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Social Media Marketing

Each piece of content we produce we will post out to your social media accounts as well as reach-out to influencers in your industry. Building relations with influencers to share your content and introduce you to whole new target audiences.

Site Structure and Content Optimisation

We will re-look at your site and restructure the site and content. Building content pillars and to optimise your site and content for search engines and visitors. We will carry out a full Site audit and carry out technical optimisation and optimise the content you already have on your site. We will also optimise all content for conversions and lead capture.

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Build Automate Measurable Sales Funnels

Hard Sell doesn't work any more. Consumers are wise to the hard or cold sell. In many cases, it can put people off and harm your brand. This is were content Marketing and Sales funnels come in. Consumers like to research before they buy and take their time on how they trust. Especially the big-ticket items.

We build measurable sales funnels. That build trust and answer the questions they are looking for moving them down your sales funnel and bringing customers to your door that already has a fair amount of trust in your business.

Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing offers the best return on investment in marketing today. If done, write. Email marketing is an excellent way to move your audience through your sales funnel. We will create lead captures to build active email lists that are already engaged in your content. Then create automated email marketing campaigns to keep them engaged and move them through your sales funnels with calls to actions to compel them to make contact with you.

Fully managed SEO Services

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What Are The Benefits Of Our Content Marketing Services?

Build Brand Awareness And Trust

Quality Content is a great way to engage with consumers and to build trust in your business and introduce your selves and what you offer.

Increase Search Engine Rankings

Search engines love sites with plenty of information in their niche that is structured correctly and is easy to find and navigate. They like to give their user plenty of information that is relevant to their search term. Building your authority with the search engines and helping to increase your whole site rankings.

Increase Engagement

Creating content that keeps your audience engaged is key to building your site's authority with the search engines and getting your content shared on social media.

Increase Conversion and Sales

When we create content, it always has a purpose. The primary goal will be to engage your audience and build trust. Each piece of content will be part of a sales funnel, moving your audience through your funnel without the hard sell.

Increase Site Visitors

Building pillars of great content on your site that will be found by search engine and sharing it on social media is a great way to bring in visitors to your site for years to come.

Capturing Leads

We will create content that will convert visitors to customers and brand ambassadors by building trust and authority in your niche. We will add lead capture to your content that visitors can give their email for a download or sign up to your email list for content. Bring visitors into your sales funnel.


In the unlikely event and for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied. Let us know, and we will work with you until you are. If you have any issues, get in touch with your account manager and our team will help you and fix any problems you have.

How It Works


Pick Your Budget And Fill Out The Short Form

Pick Your Monthly Budget, and please fill out the form giving us the information we need to research your online presence once we have carried our research. You can also book a meeting with your Campaign Manager to discuss your campaign.


Meet Your Campaign Manger

Your campaign manager will discuss the content marketing campaign strategy showing how we will achieve your goals. We will set up measurable sales funnels. So we can show you what is working in your monthly reports and meetings.


Sit Back and Let Us Get To Work

Your Campaign Manager will send a calendar link each month to have a meeting to discuss results and your content marketing strategy and campaign plan in the future. You can also book a meeting or email your campaign manager at any time.

Take A Look At Our Content Marketing Services

Blog Management Service

Content marketing is crucial to SEO and adding quality content, and to your blog can be time-consuming. We can take care of your blog and content marketing, producing quality content that will open new doors for visitors to meet your business.

Content Writing Packages

Content writing is critical to your SEO efforts and converting your visitors into customers. Our SEO copywriters specialise in writing content optimised for your keywords.

Blog Writing Packages

We have built an expert team of copywriters that specialise in keyword research and writing a fully optimised blog post that will drive a new target audience to your site.

Social Media Marketing Service

Our National SEO Campaign managers work on national SEO campaigns on a daily basis. We know what it takes to get you to the top of the results for national keywords.

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What website copy can you supply?

We offer content for: Home Page, About us, Pages and Sales and Service Pages. We also offer professional Blog writing service (Go to our Blog writing service)

Can I pick my own keywords?

Yes, We will always do our own research to see if we can find any golden keywords we think are a good fit. We can then also optimise these keywords in your content.

If we find other keywords that we think are an excellent opportunity for your business. With high monthly searches and low competition. We will let you know what they are and you can add more content to rank for these when you want too.

How long should my content be?

The length of the content all depends on what your web pages purpose is. You need to explain what you are offering the benefits of what you are offering and why they should use you over your competition (your USP).

Google also likes web pages that offer visitors plenty to read. But this content needs to keep visitors engaged. Take a look at your competitions web pages. What is the length of their content? Giving more information and content than your competition will help rank high in the search results than them. The longer the content, the better the chase of ranking for your keywords in the search results.

How Many keywords can you optimise a web page for?

We would recommend 2-3 competitive keywords or phrases. But less competitive long-tail keywords can be optimised for, this will also depend on the length of the content and the competition.

Do you offer a blog writing service?

Yes, we offer blog writing service, as many blog post as you like and when you feel the need. We also offer blog management services. Our blog management service is a great option for companies that want to put their blog and content marketing on autopilot.

You can find all our content marketing services here.

Can I ask for edits if I'm not happy with something?

Yes, you can ask for unlimited edits until you are happy with the content. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services and packages.

What our Clients Say

It was like a breath of fresh air

"We were frustrated with SEO companies that we have used in the past. All they seamed to do was take our money each month and i could never get hold of anyone and could not see where our money was going. We found SEOi and Signed up to the managed SEO service.

It was like a breath of fresh air. I was introduced to Sean our campaign manager and he explained how it works and what he was going to do. After just 2 months we saw amazing results ranking number 1 for some of the keywords we had been trying to rank for, for years. We can see everything that is going on from the monthly reports and have monthly meeting do discuss our next move. After one year of working with SEOi our tern over as more than doubled. Its like having your own in-house SEO team."

Hazel Scanlon

Director at: Support Maintenance Services Ltd


We now rank at the top of page one for all our keywords

"We have been using SEOi for over two tears know and we have been amazed at the results and what it has done for our business. We have also learned a lot. When we started we where looking to rank for keywords in our local area. We had worked with other SEO Agencies that got us to page 1 but could not move us to the top of page 1. SEOi got us to top position on page 1 on the natural results and in the local google map results. We could not believe how much of a difference this made.

We now rank at the top of page one for all our keywords in our local area and have expanded into different areas. This has allowed us to plan our companies expansion. It is a pleasure to work with SEOi."

Kelly Denton

Managing Director at: Steam Clean Pro Ltd