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About our content marketing company, how our content creation agency builds companies and brands by creating engaging content, putting you in front of your target audience.

About Our Content Marketing Agency

About Our Content Marketing Service Company

Content is king when it comes to marketing. It is also essential to building an SEO campaign and building an excellent online presence. We have created a professional team that specialises in the art of content creation that engages audiences and builds momentum online. Our expert team know how to make pillars of content to bring in your target audiences and to turn them into customers. Building trust and authority in your niche.

Whatever your needs, we offer a content marketing package or service that will work for your company. We provide a complete managed content marketing services and blog management service, letting you put your content marketing on autopilot.

About Our Content Creation Agency

We also provide affordable SEO packages that include content writing services, blog writing service, social media packages that you can order as you need with no monthly contract. Our team are experts at finding keywords and platforms your target audience is using and optimise the content to put it in front of them and drawing them to your business. All our content creators are experts in optimising you content to convert, whether it is a blog post, product or service page, lead capture page or your social media posts.

what is Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is creating anything that can be viewed online, such as blog posts infographics, video. Excellent content marketing is understanding who your target market is and creating useful pieces of content that will interest them and/or answer questions they have. At the same time, converting them to carry out the next target step in your sales funnel. Whether that is by linking to a sales page or a contact form, it could be picking up the phone or signing up to your email list.

It is a way of introducing your business and what you offer without pushy sales. In this day and age, the pushy sales pitch is a big put off to consumers. Consumers are savvy and like to investigate their options online. This is where your content comes in buy, answering the questions they have and by showing them that you offer a wealth of information on the subject that can be found online. You are indicating you are an authority in the matter, and this builds trust.

Why is content marketing so important to SEO

A search engines job is to give people the information they are searching for. If your website offers a wealth of information on the given subject google will start to see you as an authority in this given subject and will reward you with high rankings for that subject. This is why it is vital to building what we call content pillars around a topic and category of what you offer. If the content is engaging google will measure this and see your content it an excellent match for these keywords and search terms and again will reward you with high rankings.

"It is essential to create engaging content that keeps visitor's engaged."

When a company creates content that there target audiences are searching for online, whether it is a blog post answering questions, or a product or service landing page. Adding content to your website that is optimised for the keywords your audience is searching for builds trust and brand awareness in your company. Every well-crafted piece of content is another doorway for your future customers can walk through and be introduced to your business for years to come.

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Free Content strategy

How Our Content Creation Agency builds content strategies

Our content team will research your business and your competitors to find any content gaps. We will look at what you offer and start to research keywords and search terms around the products and/or services you offer. We will find keywords that have the right balance of monthly searches and competition for these keywords and start to create lists of content ideas that can be created to support your main sales pages.

We will then create content that is optimised for the keywords and the search engines and to convert visitors into customers.

Content Marketing packages and Services we offer

Blog management service

Put your blog and content marketing on autopilot.

With our blog management service, we will research your target market and keywords and search terms. Our team will then make a list of keywords and search terms and create engaging blog post optimised for the keywords and search terms. We will send you a list of titles and topics for you to agree every month. Once you have approved the titles, our copywriting team get to work writing you blogposts. Once we have completed, your articles we will send them to you for you to approve or ask for edits. We can then upload them to your WordPress blog. Or you can download them from your SEO managers dashboard.

Infographics Design Service

Our creative team can design you great infographics that paint a 1000 words in an easily digestible visual design. Infographics are a great way to engage visitors and visually show your expertise in a given subject. 

Blog writing service

Order blog post as you feel fit. With our blog wring service, you can order a blog post as you need them. Our team will carry out some research and create your titles and topics for you to approve. Then our team will creat your articles. We will send you them to approve or ask for edits. Once you have approved the article, we can upload them to your WordPress blog, or you can download them from your SEO managers dashboard.

Social media marketing service

Let us take care of your social media marketing. Our team can create share-worthy posts to build your brand awareness and social media following. We can asl o reach out to influencers to share your post and put you in front of new targeted audiences. We offer a range of packages and services.

Content writing service

Our content writing service is a great option when you need landing and sales page content. Our teams can optimise your landing pages for your keywords and optimise your content for conversions. Let us know what you want your landing page to achieve and your suggested keywords. We will carry out keyword research and create your page title for you to approve. We will then get to work crafting fully optimised page content that is conversion optimised.

Video creation service

Video and rich content is a great way to keep your audiences engaged and get your message across. Video is by far the easiest way to capture your audience and tell your story. Our team can create captivating video clips to add to your landing pages and blog post and can easily be shared on your social media channels.