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SEOi specialise in designing, developing and optimising web page to deliver our clients goals. Each web page should start with a goal and be optimised to deliver that goal.

Website and Page Design Service
Web page design and optimisation

Web Page Design and Optimisation

A Well designed and developed web page will build trust in your company and build relationships with your visitors. It should also lead them to the next stage of your sales and marketing funnel. Our website design and development team understands the importance of optimising each page for the user journey and moving the visitor to the next stage of your website. 

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How To Design and Optimised Web Pages

Each page is researched and designed with a goal in mind. We will then optimise each webpage for search engines, user experience and for conversions.

What should a well designed and optimised website and page do?

  • Bring in a new targeted audience to your company website daily
  • Build trust and Brand awareness
  • Inform and engage the visitors
  • Move them to the next stage of your sales and marketing funnel
  • Capture leads to keep in contact with visitors
  • Turn visitors into customers

Website and page planning

When creating a web page, it is essential to understand the primary goal of that page and the part it plays in your website and visitor journey and optimise it with that goal in mind.

It is essential to understand your target audience and what they are looking for when visiting your webpage. You can then plan your page to give them the information they are looking for in an easy to consume structure, building trust and moving them on to the next stage of your sales and marketing funnel through your website.

At the beginning of the visitor and target audiences buying cycle, this could be a blog post offering information to answer any questions that a visitor is looking for when researching your company's services or products. The main goal here would be to move them on to a landing or sale page or capture their email address to keep in contact with them to offer more information and build trust, moving them down your sales funnel until they are ready to purchase.

Or it could be a landing page or sale page; these pages convert the visitor into a customer. If a visitor has landed here, they should be ready to purchase, and this is the time to use calls to action to buy or contact you.

Website and page planning
Planning Your Web Page layout

Planning Your Web Page layout

A web page layout is an integral part of the design and the usability of the page. Depending on your web pages, the goal will play a significant role in your layout. It is essential to offer visitors a good user experience and to be able to find the information they are looking for on your page and website. Navigation is a crucial part of good website design.

It is crucial to clarify what your page offers and what you want them to do next. This is where the layout is essential and good planning is vital.

Research Target Audience

Once we have planned your web page, we will understand its goal and the target visitor. It is also essential to know when a visitor lands on your web page, where they are in the buying cycle and what your page needs to do to build confidence and move them on in your sales and marketing pipeline. The visitor's buying stages are an essential part of designing and developing a website's pages.

Research target audience
Website and Page Research

Website and Page Research

When visors land on your website page, it may be from an internal link from your site or other digital marketing channels. Or it could be from a search engine search. It is crucial to make sure when a visitor lands on your web page. The information on the webpage is what they are expecting. This is where understanding user intentions and keyword research is essential for any web page design.

Knowing your visitors and their intentions is key to offering them what they want and converting them to customers.

Keyword Research and Planning for Websites and Pages

Keyword research is essential for search engine optimisation and understanding your target audience's intentions when they land on your page. This allows us to design the page to answer the questions they have, and then with well planned and placed calls to action, we can move them to the next stage of your planned user journey and sales funnel.

Keyword Research and Planning for Websites and Pages
On-page Search Engine Optimisation

On-page Search Engine Optimisation

Once we understand who your target audience is and what stage of the buying cycle they are at. It is essential to conduct keyword research and find the right keywords and phrases your target audience uses to see what your page offers.

We will find keywords and phrases with a high month of searches to rank your page for on the search engines, driving new targeted audiences to your page, bringing them into your sales funnel and introducing them to your Brand.

Each well designed and optimised web page or blog post will drive new target audiences to your company's website daily for years to come.

Website and webpage search engine optimisation

SEO offers the best return on investment in any digital marketing. Why?

When you research and optimise your website for search engines. Each page can drive target audiences to your site daily, which your site can convert into customers at no extra ongoing costs.

Each and every well optimised and designed web page is a doorway to your business that customers can walk through day and night at no extra cost to your company.

SEO also builds your other marketing channels

With a well designed and optimised website and web pages, you will be getting targeted audiences visiting your pages. You can build your email list and social, medical media followers with well-designed web pages and calls to action.

Website and webpage search engine optimisation
Well planned web page content

Well planned web page content

Content writing is a craft that can make the difference between visitors leaving within seconds or becoming engaged and clicking on that all-important call to action and becoming a customer for life.

Well written and structured content is also key to ranking well in the search engines. Offering well written and informative content is what Google wants to provide its users. We will look at the keywords we are trying to rank your page for and the content ranking for these keywords. We will then plan to write fresher, more engaging content with a meaningful structure, incorporating rich media and images.

Our content writers work with our design and development team to understand the goals and target audience. Before researching the competition and crafting a search engine optimised content. That will engage and inform visitors. The content we produce will be optimised to convert them to the next stage of the planned visitor journey.

Web Page Design and development

Once we have carried out all our research and understand the page's goals and fit into your sales funnel, it is time to design the page. We will look at the best calls to action for the page.

Web Page Design and development
Optimised User Experience Design

Optimised User Experience Design

When designing web pages, it is essential to think about the target visitor and give them what they are looking for in an easy to consume manner. Keeping your visitors engaged is critical for SEO.

Search engines measure how visitors engage with your content. If your content is poorly designed, visitors will leave, leading to what we call a high bounce rate when visitors leave your site from the first page.

Well-spaced content to not overwhelm visitors and make your content easy to consume and keep visitors engaged is vital.

Optimised Heading and Subheadings

We will break up the content into bite-size pieces with the essential information first and break the content up with enticing heading and subheadings to keep visitors engaged.
Most visitors to web pages will read by scanning the headings and subheadings. This is another good reason to write a well optimised and engaging heading and subheadings to keep them reading.

Images and rich media

A picture paints a thousand words. Breaking up the page content with rich media helps explain your content and gives visitors eyes a break from constant words.

Rich media and headings are not only a great way to keep visitors engaged, but it is also an excellent way to add keywords to your page and optimise them for the search engines. Giving you more targeted keywords, you can be found online in the search engine results.

Conversion rate optimisation

It is also essential to design well-placed calls to action through your content. To offer users an easy way to move to the website's next page, moving them through your sales and marketing funnel and giving visitors an easy way to navigate your site to get to where they want to go. Planning your visitor's journey through your website will turn a website into a customer and lead magnet for years to come.

Call to Actions

A well-placed call to action can have a massive effect on conventions. Colour and wording, and placement all affect how well they convert. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in conversion rate optimisation from testing and optimising 1000 of webpages to convert visitors into customers.  

Lead Capture design

Another great tool that we have mentioned is lead magnets. Suppose your page is a blog post or page offering information and the beginning of the buying cycle. We can implement a lead magnet call to action, offering visitors a free eBook download or a how-to guide in return for their email—allowing you to keep in contact with them and keep offering valuable information and building relations and trust. Bringing them back into your sales and marketing funnel.

Conversion rate optimisation

6 Types of web pages and their main goals

Home page

A good home page should:

  • Should welcome visitors to your Brand
  • Show your Brand off
  • Offer clear navigation to users to know where to go next
  • Tell them what your Brand and company is about

About us page

A good about us page should:

  • Tell visitors why your company is a good choice
  • Introduce them to your Brand
  • Build confidence with your audience
  • Show you and authority in your space

Sales or Landing Page

A well planned and designed landing page should:

  • Captures the visitors' attention
  • Addresses their needs, wants, and requirements
  • Answers important/relevant questions.
  • Entices them to want the solution you provide
  • Directs them to take a particular action.
  • Compels them to do so.

Product/services page

Service or product pages or category pages Should:

  • Inform visitors of your product or services
  • Show your product or services USP
  • Show off your products or services and all options
  • Answer all the questions that visitors may have before they purchase
  • Compel them to buy or contact you.

Contact us page

A good contact us page should:

  • Offer an easy contact form
  • Clearly show your address and phone number
  • Add a google map
  • Show your social media pages
  • Offer any other form of contact

Blog Posts

A blog post should:

  • Offer information your target audience is searching for online.
  • Answer questions your customers may ask before purchasing
  • Offer a way to move on from the post to your sales pages
  • Find more relevant information they may have.
  • Have a lead capture for visitors to get more information
  • Contact us Call to action 

At SEOi, we specialise in Digital marketing, including Website Development, SEO Services and content marketing. We know how to design websites and web pages that attract targeted audiences to your site and convert them into customers. If you would like to discuss your requirements and what we can do for your company, don't hesitate to contact us.