Website Development

and Designing

At SEOi we specialise in website development and designing . We understand the importance SEO in the designing of a company's website and how a well developed and optimised website can transform a company.

Website Development and Designing
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Search Engine Optimised Web Design and Development

SEOi specialises in SEO web design and website development. We don't just design websites. We build search engine optimised websites that are optimised to convert.

SEO is an essential part of developing a website. Search engine optimisation is what will turn a website into a lead and customer magnet—bringing new target visitors to your website and converting them to leads and customers.

SEOi provides world-class digital marketing, including content marketing and search engine optimisation services worldwide. We rank for 1000s of competitive keywords worldwide. Our team knows what it takes to build and develop a website into companies most significant asset.

Company Website Development

A company's website is an essential part of a company. It is the business shop window to the world. It allows your business to show consumers all over the world what you can offer. It should also attract new audiences to your company daily and provide answers to their questions, building trust and moving them down your sales funnel until they are ready to contact you or purchase.

What a Well developed and well-optimised website can do

  • Attract target audiences
  • Answer the questions they have and building trust
  • Capture leads and develops your email list
  • Grow your social media following
  • Build brand awareness
  • build your authority in your niche with audience and search engines
  • Move audience down your sales funnel
  • Promote and expand your company on demand

Company Website Development
How to develop a companies website

How to develop a companies website to expand the business

The key to turning a company's website into a business growth machine is to first carry out extensive research into the companies target audiences and their competitions.
We will research your target audience to understand their buying habits and the best approach to attract them.

We will make a list of your offerings and find your competitors. Our research and development team will see what keywords they are ranking for and what traffic is driving to their website and content.

Our team will conduct extensive keyword research to find a list of golden keywords that will attract new audiences to your website through the search engine results.
We will make a list of keywords and phrases for your leading sales and landing pages. We will find the keywords for the content that will back these main pages up and answer your target customers' questions before they purchase.

We then make a list and look at the content that is driving the traffic and plan how to outrank them in the search engines with fresher, newer content.

SEO Website Development

Well implemented Search engine optimisation is vital when developing a web page. There is no point building it if no one will ever see it. Each web page should have a target goal, target audience and keywords and objectives. Once we have this we can then implement on-page SEO to tell search engines what your page is about and what it should be ranked for in the search results.

SEO Website Development
On-page SEO for website development

Importance of On-page SEO for website development

When developing a website or designing a piece of content, it is essential to plan each page and its goal. From there, you can optimise that page for its target audience and the chosen keywords. This is done in a variety of ways this is what we call on-page SEO or on-site SEO, including:

  • Title and description meta tags
  • Image optimisation
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Well written and structured content
  • Good internal link structure

These are just some of the on-page SEO methods used to optimise a page for search engines. The above are ways to tell the search engine what your page is about and what it should rank you for in the search results.

Technical Website SEO

It is also essential when designing or developing a website to optimise the website for load speed and user experience as this will have a big impact on your search engine rankings and bounce rates. Visitors to your site will soon leave and go to your competitors site if you website loads to slow. This is why Google has announced that it will put a big emphasis on user experience and your site speed is a big part of this.

SEOi offers a full range of
Search engine optimisation services and packages to soot companies of all shapes and sizes. Including managed seo services, affordable SEO packages for marketers resellers that would like to self manage their SEO Campaign through our the free SEO managers dashboard.

Technical Website SEO
Content marketing and website development

Content marketing and website development

Content marketing is an essential part of web development and design and search engine optimisation. It expands your website and develops it into a lead and customer magnet driving new targeted customers to your business every day, even while you sleep.

Adding great relevant content to your site that your target customers will love and keep them engaged and linking them to your other relevant pages will boost your site rankings and build authority with the search engines.

With well-researched content, you can target audiences at every stage of the sales funnel. Audiences that are not ready to purchase yet but are researching your services or product. Consumers research everything online before they purchase. They have a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Our content marketing team will take full advantage of this and create content for your site to drive new targeted audiences to your site and convert them into leads and customers.

For more information on ongoing content marketing
follow the link to our content marketing services page

Optimised Website Structure

Develop an Optimised Website Structure

A website's structure is just as important as your content. Developing a well-balanced site structure is essential to helping search engines find and understand what your site is about.

Good site structure and navigation help visitors find the information they are looking for and can help you move them to your sales pages once your content has built trust and answers the question they had.

We will put the main sales pages and landing pages into categories and subcategories. From here, you can create more subcategories and develop your site into a well-balanced information centre for your industry.

We create blog categories to back up and offer more information on the subjects mentioned before, answering the question your target audience has and is searching for online.

Every well-optimised piece of content can drive targeted traffic to your site for years to come.

Web Sites Internal Link Structure

A good internal link structure helps the search engine find new content and also lets them know your site has a wealth of information on that subject.

Google wants to send its users to pages with the information they are searching for, but it also wants to offer pages with as much information as possible on a given subject.

Linking to your related content is a great way to let Google know you have more information on that subject and related subjects.

Internal links are also a great way to drive traffic to your sales pages once they are ready.

Web Sites Internal Link Structure
Conversion rate optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation

Developing a solid conversion rate is an essential part of a website. We plan each piece of content with a goal in mind. This could be to contact your company to purchase a product or a lead capture. Or to move them to a sale or landing page on your site.

Importance of Call to actions

Well placed and planned call to action is how a website converts its visitors to customers and leads. It is how you move visitors through your website, and sales funnel. We do this in various ways, depending on what stage of the buying cycle they are. It could be a (call now), (contact us) or (buy now) on a sales page. Or it could be (find out more) to move a visitor from a blog [post to your sales page. Another great way to collect a lead and build a company's other marketing channel is a lead magnet that will offer a (free eBook download) in return for signing up to your email list.

Importance of Call to actions

Costs of Website Development

At SEOi, we have broken our web design and development services into categories that include.

SEO Web design service (New build research and planning)

Building and planning a website from scratch is an excellent opportunity to deliver a website optimised to provide the present and future goals that a company has. To do this, we will undertake research and design a website plan. Depending on the size of the project will depend on the costs. We can discuss your goals and give a fixed price for design and development. Or can work on an hourly rate our development cost is £40 an hour.

Web Development and design (Ongoing development and one-off work)

For ongoing development or one-off projects, we charge an hourly rate of £40 an hour. This could include:

  • Web page design
  • landing page design
  • Website restructure
  • Monthly maintenance

Website redesign (redesign and structure of original site content)

We can offer a fixed price with a website redesign after looking at the site and discussing your company's goals and objectives. Alternatively, we can carry out the redesign at an hourly rate of £40 an hour. This has the advantage of being able to stage any ongoing work and spread the cost of developing and expanding your site over time and spending the expenses.

Please contact us for a free no obligation quotation or free advise on how to get the best of your companies website.