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SEOi's SEO web design service team are seasoned veterans in web design and development, on-page SEO, technical SEO and conversion rate optimisation.

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Why Use Our Web Design and SEO Services?

Our team of specialist SEO Web design team, will learn the company's goals and future goals and plan to build a website primed to rank in the search engines for targeted keywords and convert the visitors to customers and leads.

Our deep understanding of digital marketing and search engine optimisation makes us different from other web design companies.

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Website Design and Search engine optimisation Specialists

We specialise in search engine optimisation. We offer world-class SEO globally. Our digital marketing and SEO company rank for 1000's keywords globally and understand the importance of optimising a website in the design stage.

Most web design companies will do basic optimisation. Still, they will not do the in-depth planning and work essential to turn your website into a lead magnet and a machine to expand your company and offer a great return on investment.

SEO in Web Design

Search engine optimisation is essential in web design. Without it, your site will never reach its full potential. With a well-planned SEO strategy and website development, a place can bring in vast amounts of targeted customers that are looking for the solutions you offer at no ongoing costs for the foreseeable future. You can optimise all the pages for multiple targeted keywords your target customers are searching for daily.

SEO in Web Design
SEO Website Development

SEO Website Development

Developing a future proof website for your business is an excellent investment. Creating a well optimistic website with good structure and well-optimised content can transform a business and let them continually grow the business in the direction the company wants and at its pace. Giving the company an excellent tool to plan the businesses expansion through content marketing and search engine optimisation. Building brand awareness and becoming an influencer in the industry.

Website Design and Planning

We understand that planning and research is key to building a successful website. Our team will find out what your company's goals and future goals are. Once we understand this, we will plan a site structure that is expandable over time, including your future and company's expansion plans.

Research for Web Design

Research is key to developing a great website that produces leads and puts them in front of your target audience daily. Bringing in visitors, introducing them to your business and converting them into leads and customers.

Why invest in SEO in the design process

SEOi's are a world-class digital marketing company offering our digital marketing and SEO Services to clients worldwide. We know that search engine optimisation is essential for every business and can transform a business overnight. SEO offers one of the best returns on investment.

More Bang for Your SEO Buck

Reduces the cost of ongoing SEO by raising the ROI by producing leads with reduced investment in off-page SEO. A well researched and planned website offers the best return on investment in marketing. Your website is where your digital marketing starts and will convert visitors to customers—intern allowing you to expand and grow your company for the small marketing budget.

Technical Website SEO: Load Speed and User Experience

When we take on new SEO clients, we first carry out an in-depth website audit as we know that good on-page SEO and technical SEO is essential in today's search engine optimisation. Google has announced that they will be emphasising user experience, and a big part of this is the time it takes your site to load on desktop and mobile devices. You can test your site speed here with Goggles site speed checker.
When we take new clients on the website, load speed is very rarely optimised. To fix this can be time-consuming and costly. In some cases, it can be limited to what we can achieve because of the theme's code. And a redesign is the best option in terms of cost and optimisation results.

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Website Structure and Planning For SEO

Website Structure and Planning For SEO

A well planned and designed page and menu structure is essential for good SEO. We also see this with new clients where the web site's page structure is in a mess. Your pages should be broken down into categories and subcategories.

A well-balanced website and a good page structure help the search engines find all your pages and content on your site. We can organise the pages and then balance the site content. Making sure your pages are not buried deep in the site structure, never to be seen again.

Good site structure and navigation are essential to ranking your pages and content in the search engine results.

A well-structured website also improves user experience and allows users to move through your site and find the information they are looking for with ease.

Trying to optimise and restructure an old site can be difficult, time-consuming and costly.
Meaning the SEO budget is being spent on website development that should have been done from the offset.

Research for good Web Design and SEO

Research is key to developing a great website that produces leads and puts them in front of your target audience daily. Bringing in visitors, introducing them to your business and converting them into leads and customers.

Target Audience Research

Researching your target audience is key to designing a good website that converts visitors to customers. There is no point in bringing in visitors to your website that are not interested in what you offer. Your target audience is out there searching for your product or services, ready to buy. So it is essential to work out who they are so they can be targeted.

Competitor Research

Looking into and researching your competition is a great way to see what is working for them and find new business opportunities. We will look at what keywords your competition is ranking for and how many site visitors they are receiving, make a list of keyword opportunities, and design content to outrank them.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is where good web design and SEO strategy starts. We will carry out in-depth keyword research finding a list of keywords with high monthly searches. We will look at the competition for these keywords and plan to put you at the top of the results.
Each piece of content and page should be optimised for a range of keywords, so each page will be targeting customers looking for what that page informs them and leads to a call to action to turn them into customers.

On-page Optimisation for Web Page Design

Optimising your website pages and content for the desired keywords is essential. We call this on-page SEO. On-page optimisation is how you tell the search engines what your page or content is about and what it should rank you for in the search results. It is also your opportunity to stand out in the search results.

Other on-page optimisation techniques are:

  • Well written, structured and optimised content
  • Titles and headings and subheadings <h1> <h2> <3>
  • Images optimisation and placement
  • Internal links to relevant content
  • External links to authoritative content.
  • And much more….

These all take time and planning but will pay dividends and turn a website into a customer magnet. But this is generally not included in a standard web design service.

On-page Optimisation for Web Page Design
Search Engine Optimised Website Design

Expand Your Company With our Search Engine Optimised Website Design Service

The site we build will also be structured and optimised to expand and add new pages easily and content to add new keywords and phrases in the future that will bring in new targeted audiences. As your company grows and offers new services or products, you will be able to add these to your site over time and promote your new services through new content. Sites that are well optimised for the search engine will build good authority in their sector, and new content will rank well and be simpler to rank than unoptimised sites.

Free Access To Our SEO Platform

Sign Up To Get Free Access To Our SEO Platform

We have built our SEO Platform for businesses and marketing teams. Sign up for a free account. You can then log in to your SEO Managers dashboard, where you can access our free SEO tools and resources. Use our SEO Learning hub to sharpen your SEO skills. And order SEO Packages as and when you need them. Find all your site audits and delivery report from your SEO Packages and services. You can also find advice on what we recommend next in your campaign—allowing you to manage your SEO at their own pace.

Content Marketing is King

Adding a blog to your site is a great way to build authority by adding great content to your site that your target audience will keep coming back for. It is a great way to target new audiences and build brand awareness. Think about what your customers are asking before they purchase from you. If you customers are asking your sale team, others will be searching for it on line. These are great opportunities to write a great blog post answering the questions they have. With some clever keyword research, you can find these keywords and phrases that are being typed into google and put your blog post in front of them in the search results. You can find out more about our content marketing services here.

Google loves content

Google loves sites with lots of well-written content. Linking these to your important and relevant pages is a great way to build authority and boost your rankings. Content marketing is also a great way to build trust with your audience and answer their questions about the services or products you offer.

Every well-optimised blog post can bring new potential customers to your site business for years to come.

Build Your Company's Other Digital Marketing Channels 

Your company's website should be bringing in plenty of traffic now; this is your chance to start to collect and build your other marketing channels. Don't waste the visitors. This is your chance to collect their email or follow you on your chosen social channel. Letting you stay in contact with them and move them into your sales funnel.

If your company sells big-ticket items, you are likely to need to keep in contact with them and inform them why your company is the best choice. Consumers have a wealth of information at their fingertips, and consumers research everything. The higher the spend, the more they will research. By collecting your email address, you can set up an automated email trail by sending the chosen blog post that sells your product.

Your blog post should be answering the questions you have before purchasing your products. Well, designed emails with calls to action can send them to that blog post or contact you. If the person clicks on the blog post link, you know they are moving down your email funnel.

Email marketing

Your website is a great way to build your email list. Not all visitors are ready to buy immediately. So by offering a free download or some irresistible offer in return for their email. You can build your email list and sales funnel to send out automated email series, warming them up and building a relationship with your email subscribers until they are ready to buy.

Social media marketing

Ask your visitors to follow you on your chosen social media channels to keep up to date with your company.

Conversion optimisation (The content's goal)

Conversion optimisation is a big part of building a high converting website. It is the last part of the plan for each page. Each piece of content will have a goal, and your call to action is the final step to convert the visitor and move them into your sales funnel or to contact you.

A-B Testing

Our web design team have worked on and carried out A, B tests on 1000's of websites and understand what works. We have years of experience in building, testing and optimising landing pages to improve conversion rates.

The importance of a call to action

Correctly placed and well-designed calls to action are an essential part of web design and are the last step to converting the visitor to move to the next step in your sales funnel.

Typical examples of call to action are:

To the point call to actions for you sales page and main landing pages.

  • Call (phone number)
  • Get your a free quote
  • Contact us for more information
  • Book now
  • Buy now

Your blog articles that are informative and can answer questions can use a sutler approach as visitors finding your company for the first time are probably researching. Still, you know they are interested as they are on your page. You would always have a to the point call to action but more subtle call to action and what we would call lead magnets. That would move them on to a sales page or capture their email address so you could keep in contact with them. People like to research before purchasing, so offering more information without imposing hard sell on the first visit is key.

Move on call to action:

  • Find out more about our (service/ product keyword Link. Sending the visitor to your sale page.)
  • Read about out -------- Link ( Sending the visitor to your sale page)

Lead magnet call to action:

  • Download our free eBook
  • Download our free guide
  • Sign up for our email newsletter

A well-planned and designed website can transform a business and expand at your own pace with careful planning and digital marketing.